IVE Liz's Weight Gain: Idol Goes Viral After Emergence of New Photos From Girl Group's Japan Concert

Credit: MBCKPOP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: MBCKPOP/YouTube Screenshot

IVE Liz drew fans' attention with now-viral photos of her from the girl group's Japan tour.

Liz's weight changes since she debuted have been making headlines in recent months. It also scored mixed reactions from fans, with some of them supporting her while others expressing concerns because of her appearance.

Most recently, photos of her from a recent concert garnered the same type of reaction.

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Did IVE Liz Gain More Weight?

On the Korean community website Pann Nate, Liz received mixed comments from fans after her photos went viral. The fan-taken images captured unedited photos of the idol at the venue in Japan.

They continuously asked what her agency is doing to help her with her weight. Meanwhile, others told the public to support Liz instead, regardless of her weight.

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Among the comments read:

“No but can you guys cut it down for real? There are 7 posts hating on her everyday on the trending page and here you guys are again. You guys are the ones with mental illnesses. Her weight aside, you guys should go get your mental illness checked because it looks even more serious.”
“No but why does she look she she gains more weight every time I look at her???”
"This really isn't a hate comment but has she been able to monitor herself lately?"

It was not the first time Liz drew flak, though.

IVE Liz's Supporters Slam Haters

In August, controversial YouTuber Sojang got criticized after releasing the video titled IVE Liz & Rei shocking update... Getting fatter. The YouTuber commented on both Liz and her co-member, Rei.

Liz constantly garnered praise for her doll-like visuals. But her weight gain reportedly started during the Love Dive era. Haters emerged after she was spotted with IVE in August as they left the country for their scheduled Japan activities.

At that time, they assumed she already gave up on dieting. With that, the public continuously compared her to other IVE members, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin.

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