Im Si Wan Reflects on Villain Role in Netflix Original Unlocked

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX KOREA/YouTube Screenshot

Im Si Wan shared his thoughts about playing his second villain role in the new film, Unlocked.

Netflix will drop a new Korean thriller film on its website on Feb. 17. Titled Unlocked, the series is based on Shiga Akira's Japanese novel of the same title. It explores the story of an ordinary office worker who loses her smartphone. She begins to receive threats as her personal information is exposed through the phone.

Unlocked features Chun Woo Wee, Kim Hee Won and Im Si Wan.

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Im Si Wan Opens Up About New Twist He Puts on Unlocked Role

The cast members of Unlocked appeared in a press conference Wednesday at Lotte Cinema ahead of the film's release. Im Si Wan shared details about his character and how he put a twist on his role.

"Jun-young is different from a typical villain," the actor said, per The Korea Herald. "He expresses feelings of excitement and intrigue as he harasses people, instead of targeting his victims with viciousness or hostility -- I thought that would frighten the audience even more."

Im Si Wan added that his character thinks harassing people can be a hobby. He noted that he sees him as a "collector" of people's private information.

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Meanwhile, director Kim Tae Joon revealed that actor Kim Hee Won played an important role when he cast the actor. The filmmaker said making a smart and honest actor play the villain role would shock the audience.

Unlocked Trailer

Ahead of the film's release, Netflix dropped a terrifying trailer showing Chun Woo Hee's Na Mi becoming Jun Young's victim.

The trailer starts with Na Mi sending her friend a good luck text before her job interview. She falls asleep but wakes up and manages to catch her phone from falling. When she puts it on a stand, the phone suddenly turns back on and scrolls on its own throughout the night before the victim wakes up.

It turns out that Jun Young controls her phone and lists her as one of the people whose lives must be cut off. His notebook also shows No. 9, indicating that Na Mi is his ninth victim.

Jun Young's laptop soon shows a hair-raising photo of a woman with duct tape over her mouth while submerged in water. He then changes his wallpaper with Na Mi's photo.

See the full trailer here.

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