Super Junior Leeteuk Instagram: K-pop Idol Sends Warning to People Impersonating Him On Platform

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

Super Junior Leeteuk is speaking up after various Instagram users pretend to be him.

Some K-pop fans tend to create social media accounts based on their idols’ identities. They often do it to complete their fangirling and fanboying experience while browsing the internet.

However, things are seemingly getting out of hand as Super Junior Leeteuk recently became a victim of his impersonators.

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Super Junior Leeteuk Sends Warning To Fake Accounts

On Thursday, the Sarang hitmaker shared a screenshot on his Instagram page (@xxteukxx) and warned his fans about the accounts trying to act like him.

In the photo, Leeteuk’s message to the Instagram user named @officialxxteukxx_private can be seen. He told the user that he is grateful that the person keeps on liking and commenting on his posts. However, the user is seemingly taking everything for granted by impersonating him.

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"Hello. Thank you for your lovely 'likes' and comments on my official page. I am happy knowing that I have such passionate fans. Lots of love,” he said. "Please don't impersonate me. I was informed that fans are contacted in this way very frequently. It's not just one or two incidents, but they consistently do this, so please be careful."

Leeteuk did not disclose whether he would file a legal complaint if the incident continues, but it was not the first time he had ever let out his frustration due to a similar event.

Super Junior Leeteuk Begs Hackers To Stop

In the past years, the K-pop idol has been begging hackers to stop trying to get his account.

In 2020, he asked them to stop hacking his account as it violates his privacy. He then revealed that even his dog’s account is also being meddled.

“Even late at night, I keep receiving messages that someone is trying to hack my account and for Koong’s Instagram account, I can’t figure out the password and I can’t change it either. This is so stressful. Please stop. Please,” he went on.


It happened again last year, saying that he always gets notifications about someone trying to gain access to his account. Unfortunately, these incidents might soon cause him to leave the social medial platform for good – something fans never want to happen.

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