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Super Junior Heechul Proposes To Apink Bomi in Knowing Bros — Here’s What Happened

Credit: KNOWING BROS/YouTube Screenshot

Super Junior Heechul asked Apink Bomi to marry him in real life.

Heechul and Bomi debuted with their respective groups in different years. The male idol initially became part of Four Seasons alongside Jaejoong, Yunho, and Kangin until TVXQ debuted in 2003. He waited for two years before Super Junior officially debuted its 12 members.

Meanwhile, Bomi has been part of Apink since its debut on M! Countdown through I Don’t Know.

As both of them are currently single, Heechul recently asked her to marry him — and she responded!

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Super Junior Junior Asks Bomi To Marry Him

During the July 9 episode of Knowing Bros (Ask Us Anything), Bomi led a skit and let the cast members and guests pretend to be her boyfriend.

When it was Bomi and Heechul’s turn, the NoNoNo singer said they had been dating for seven years, prompting Heechul to tell her that it was time for them to get married. He then asked her when they would get married, and Bomi playfully replied that he had to propose.

The bulb suddenly lit and let Heechul take the skit seriously, telling Bomi that his parents wanted him to get married in real life.

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“My mom is watching this [show] right now. My mom and dad told me to get married for real within the next year,” he said.

Bomi, who was still clueless that Heechul’s already acted out the skit, told him they should get married next year. But when the Super Junior member asked her to marry him for real, she playfully responded that she needs to get married in real life, too.

Super Junior Tells Bomi To Move in With Him

Later on in the skit, Bomi asked Heechul whether she should leave the door open or not because of the paint’s smell in their fictional apartment.

“Then I guess you’ll need to move in with me. You didn't read the article, did you? I bought a house. My mom and dad really think I'm getting married!" he went on.

Still, the Mr. Chu singer focused on the skit and played her role. The whole thing hilariously ended when Heechul complained of stomachache and left the room ultimately.

Heechul might truly get married soon as he recently obtained a villa-type luxury apartment for $4 million. During the house tour, he said that he remodeled the house and considered that his wife and kids in the future would live there with him.

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