Summertime Rendering Finally Released Worldwide on Hulu and Disney+

Summertime Rendering Hulu Disney Ushio Kofune

Summertime Rendering Hulu Disney Ushio Kofune

It has been a couple of months now since the anime ended its run. Finally, fans all over the world can watch the anime as Summertime Rendering has finally been released worldwide on Hulu and Disney+.

The anime’s worldwide release on these platforms was announced just recently, and it finally ends the confusion on how and when to watch it. This is because the anime had a fragmented release schedule during its initial run.

Summertime Rendering Previous Release

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Summertime Rendering is an interesting show in many ways, one of which is the fact that it’s based on a Jump+ manga that ended its run back in 2021. This is unusual given that most anime shows are based on ongoing manga.

After all, these TV anime often act as advertisements for the source material.

Another thing that makes it unique is its suspenseful story with elements of the supernatural. This might be unexpected for those who have only seen clips and images of the anime.

In Japan, the anime was broadcast weekly on several channels. This made it easy and straightforward to follow the 25-episode series for Japanese fans.

But the same can’t be said for fans outside Japan as the Summertime Rendering anime's streaming release dates varied between regions.

While the show was released on Disney+ in various countries (given that it’s Disney that owns the anime's streaming rights), it was not made available worldwide concurrently.

For instance, the show was released in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand in May 2022. Meanwhile, countries such as Australia and Singapore got the show on Disney+ in June 2022.

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Summertime Rendering Hulu and Disney+ Availability, English Dub

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Because of this staggered release, many anime fans in different countries have been left with no legal way to watch the show, until now.

Finally, it was confirmed that Summertime Rendering is available worldwide.

Specifically, the show is available on Disney+ in most parts of the world. But in the US, anime fans can watch the show on Hulu.

On Hulu, the anime is also available in an English dubbed version, a fact that was shared by the show’s English voice cast on Twitter.

Despite not being available for months, Summertime Rendering still has a dedicated fanbase.

Following the announcement, many fans of the series were happy that fans all over the world can finally watch the show.

All 25 episodes of Summertime Rendering are now available in the US on Hulu and in the rest of the world on Disney+.

Of course, the availability of Disney+ still varies depending on the country or region.

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