Suicide Squad Star Jai Courtney Admits Acting His 'F-cking Brains Out' on Love Death and Robots Episode

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Jai Courtney has played a lot of memorable characters in major franchises for the past few years. Still, nothing prepared him for the work ahead in a new episode of Love Death and Robots Volume 3. The Suicide Squad actor has just spoken about working on the Netflix anthology series and he admitted that he had to act his "f-cking brains out" for the episode.

Jai Courtney was part of the ensemble cast of the episode In Vaulted Halls Entombed, which was purely motion capture. Interestingly, Courtney stated that it was a crazy experience for him.


"So sick dude. So sick," Courtney told SlashFilm. "It's a weird thing to make, let me tell you. Because I've done mocap stuff before and operated in that space a little bit with films like Terminator and stuff where you are kind of stretching it, stunts and effects-wise, in a real way."

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He went on to state that "It was hard. It was different operating with these halo cameras, capturing all this micro data from your face. And yet, the space you're playing in is completely unimaginative."

Courtney continued by comparing the experience to "being in drama class and you've got great boxes that you're moving around, pretending they're a fricking, whatever it is. It was like that."

"It was his weird mash-up of [these] ultra high-tech innovations being put to use, and then you're in this room where you're really acting your f-cking brains out because there's nothing to draw from," he concluded.

There is little doubt that it was an interesting experience and although it was difficult, it's safe to say that Courtney did an awesome job on the episode and it was all worth it.


All nine episodes of Love Death and Robots Volume 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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