Suicide Squad is Out for Injustice: Gods Among Us, First Challenge Fighter is Up

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Suicide Squad is already out in theaters, and apparently, it also is out in Injustice: Gods Among Us mobile version.

The latest update for the game has introduced three of the Squad members, and Deadshot is already available as a challenge fighter. There are a few small changes with challenges though, and for the most part, it helps newbie players of the game.

For starters, the first step of the challenge is much shorter, and it does not require a lot of characters. If you're not familiar with the setup of Injustice Gods Among Us mobile challenge, it has five tiers of face-offs. Each one has a specific requirement, such as a character that needs to be in the fighting team. You won't even need the usual tokens to fight in each round.


This time, it seems that NetherRealm Studios is being a little bit easy on new players, because only the first two tiers require characters. What's more, the characters are easy to get, as they are Bronze and Silver characters with no specific fighter needed. The other three higher tiers have no requirements at all. If that's not enough, there's also the bonus of having shorter fights per tier. There only nine rounds of fights per tier, which means a total of 45 fights all in all to get Suicide Squad Deadshot.

Speaking as a long-time player who has had her share of troubles participating in fights earlier on—this is a great way to let new players have the Suicide Squad characters. Granted, there's a shorter timeframe to get the character, but this is a nice change for first-timers.

It's also nice that they removed the tokens. This seems like a similar move to the Mortal Kombat X mobile version, where there aren't any tokens to participating in the challenge. It's a waste of time, especially if all you want is to work towards getting the new character.

For veteran players, Deadshot's challenge will still put some sort of fight. When you get to the Expert mode, the usual rounds are back. This means you need to get ready for 12 rounds for the first four and 15 rounds for the last leg of the challenge.

Also, the requirements per tier is as follows:

  • Challenge 1: Bronze characters only
  • Challenge 2: Deathstroke required
  • Challenge 3: Bronze or Silver characters only
  • Challenge 4: Lobo required
  • Challenge 5: Superman required

I guess for new players, the Normal round was a bonus so you can get the new Suicide Squad characters. Whether or not you can grind up some good cards—particularly Lobo and Superman, as they don't have Silver versions—in the six days' time left, it will be up to you. It's a play to win to get more Deadshot cards and gear to level up this fighter.

In addition to the new characters, there will be a Suicide Squad event where players can get a Daily Gold Booster Pack starting Aug. 5 for just 100 Power Credits. I do hope the odds of winning are actually good. I just got myself a sad little Health Boost card—and it's not even the Major kind.

The Suicide Squad update for Injustice Gods Among Us mobile is already out for both iOS and Android Play Store.

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