Suicide Squad Concept Art Reveals King Shark In Full Pant-Less Glory

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Most fans still believe that Suicide Squad might have been better if it actually featured King Shark. The new concept art could confirm that David Ayer made the wrong call when he decided against using the DC comic book villain.

The concept art was created by Peter Mitchell Rubin for the DC Extended Universe film. The artist had several ideas for King Shark but the one that stands out is the illustration of a completely naked baddie. Check it out below.


It's unlikely that this version of King Shark might make it on the big screen even if Ayer decided that they should have shelled out some extra cash on CGI. This is probably why Rubin also came up with Hawaiian Shirt King Shark and Tarzan King Shark.

Ayer famously admitted that he had wanted King Shark in Suicide Squad but realized that they didn't want to work with a "full CG character." This is why they decided to bring in Killer Croc instead. There is little doubt that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje did a great job as the blinged-up reptile man, delivering some of the film's most memorable lines. Nevertheless, we still can't help but imagine how interesting the movie might have been if there was a half-naked shark man running around with Harley Quinn.

The half-man, half-shark character isn't the only subject of the surprising concept art. Rubin had also created a version of the Joker played by Mark Strong instead of Jared Leto. The other incarnation of the Clown Prince of Crime is heavily scarred and appears to be a better fit for Ben Affleck's Batman.

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