09 Aug 2016 11:01 AM +00:00 UTC

Suicide Squad Characters May Be in Gotham in the Future

The Suicide Squad movie may not be the last that we've seen of the heathen gang—at least for two characters.

DC-based TV series Gotham, which is a retelling of events prior to Bruce Wayne donning the cowl and centering on Commissioner Jim Gordon's (played by Ben McKenzie) struggles in Gotham City.

It seems that the executive producers of the show are looking to put in Killer Croc and Harley Quinn into the series somewhere along the line.


Speaking to Deadline, executive producer Ken Woodruff hinted that their entry into the series is not necessarily this coming season. However, the presence of Indian Hill, which is the facility that houses and conducts experiments on humans and monsters are in the series.

Co-executive producer John Stephens also pointed out that Harley Quinn and Killer Croc will have their own proto-versions. This is essentially characters who have the characteristics of a specific known character in the DC universe.

"It's about developing the myth of the Joker, just like we're developing the myth of Batman. It's so we can stretch him over multiple seasons. The cult of The Joker began, and we'll explore how that deepens and changes this year. There are underground movements where they talk about Jerome."

For those who missed Gotham's last season, it had already hinted at the characteristics of The Joker in the form of Jerome. Jerome Valeska had been one of the members of The Maniax, the group of hoodlums working under Mayor Theo Galavan.

Though Jerome was never called Mr. J, it was hard to miss the insane look in his eyes and the very wide grin on his face. Interestingly, it doesn't seem like he was supposed to be The Joker—rather, his death had influenced a couple of copycats in Gotham who had started mimicking Jerome's laugh following his demise.

Gotham is set to come back on FOX on Sept. 19.

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