The Best Places to Read Solo Leveling Online for Free

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Read Solo Leveling Online for Free
Credit: A-1 Pictures

What are the best places to read Solo Leveling online for free? Fans of action anime and manga are more likely to ask this question now that the beloved webtoon is getting an anime adaptation.

The adventures of Sung Jin-Woo, who starts off as the world's weakest Hunter and unlocks the secret of leveling up infinitely, have captured the interest of thousands of fans in Korea and elsewhere.

The chapters (also known as "episodes") are quick chunks of beautifully illustrated action, and the webcomic format makes it all feel almost cinematic.


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If you're up for something quick and exciting, here are the best ways to read Solo Leveling legally online:

Where to Read Solo Leveling Online for Free

Read Solo Leveling Online for Free Best Places to Read
Credit: D&C Media

The best places to read Solo Leveling online are currently Tappytoon and Tapas.


As Korean manhwa and webtoons gain momentum similar to that of Japanese manga, there's an increase in dedicated sites to read manhwa.

Of course, as is the case with more copyrighted works, there is no entirely free legal way to read all of Solo Leveling in one go.

Thankfully, there are still ways to legally access your favorite media without paying huge sums.

If you can't pay to read manhwa, Tapas media is a good option, as it allows you to read certain titles legally for free and gives you "tapas" of others, to try them out and decide if they're for you.

For premium content, you can either pay online or watch videos to earn the right to read more for free.

Moreover, for those who choose to download the app, Tapas is known for its Wait Until Free function.

This means that after watching all the free content you're entitled to, a timer is set up, and, after a certain amount of time passes, you can go back to read more Solo Leveling chapters.


Tappytoon functions similarly both with Solo Leveling and other comics.

When using Tappytoon, you're allowed to read the first chapters of most works for free. From there on, you need to use tokens that are purchasable through PayPal.

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Alternatively, Tappytoon allows you to wait for 24 hours for another chapter to become freely available to you, meaning you don't necessarily have to pay for the media you consume.

Solo Leveling has 179 chapters, which means that you can theoretically read the entire manhwa legally for free on Tappytoon in less than six months - though you'd have to be very patient.

Can You Read Solo Leveling in Original Korean?

Read Solo Leveling Online for Free Original Korean
Credit: A-1 Pictures

Tapas and Tappytoon are great options to read an English translation of Solo Leveling online, but there's also a place for fans who wish to practice their Korean skills.


Kakao functions similarly to Tappytoon and Tapas; its "free if you wait" system means that you can eventually read any number of chapters for free, though you have to wait a set amount of time for new ones to come up.

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What About Solo Leveling Print Volumes?

Read Solo Leveling Online for Free Print Volumes
Credit: D&C Media

If online reading isn't for you, the first five volumes of Solo Leveling are currently available to buy in English.

You can do so from any retailer selling manga or manhwa, or by ordering it online.