Street Man Fighter Dancer Vata Defends His New Thing Choreography, Explains How It Is Different From ATEEZ's Say My Name Moves

Credit: THE CHOOM/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: THE CHOOM/YouTube Screenshot

Street Man Fighter Vata responded to plagiarism controversy involving his New Thing move and ATEEZ's Say My Name.

Fans noticed while watching the Street Man Fighter episode 3 that a move in the Street Man Fighter's song New Thing is similar to ATEEZ dance moves. Fans of the boy group have since slammed the dancer and urged him to apologize to ATEEZ and choreographer Anze Skrube who exclusively made a move for the boy group.

Following the public's rage, Vata took to his Instagram and explained his side.

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Vata Defends Himself Over Plagiarism Accusations

On his Instagram account, the famed choreographer shared a lengthy post to address the issues surrounding his New Thing choreography for Street Man Fighter. He reportedly decided to break his silence to avoid misunderstanding from growing.

Vata explained that he immediately thought of wilderness when he first heard the music. Thus, he decided to make the intro moves like arriving on horseback or a motorcycle. That was the reason why he began everything with the motion of starting an engine and giving a big kick before "driving."

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"I think that it is completely different from the intent and connection between the movements of the choreography to which it is currently being compared. As a person who loves the culture of dance, I think it's admirable when artists and choreographers respect one another. However, it seems like that isn't the case [right now], which I find very unfortunate," he went on.

Despite thinking that the two choreographies are different, Vata still sent his apologies to the viewers of Street Man Fighter and We Dem Boyz supporters. He also thanked them for cheering for them despite the controversy.

Vata Accused of Copying ATEEZ's Driving Move

It all started when he made a dance move for Street Man Fighter's song, New Thing, which immediately became a hit and gave birth to the New Thing Cover Dance Challenge.

ATEEZ's choreographer shared on Instagram that he and two other dancers, Josh Smith and Johnny Erasme, created it exclusively for the K-pop boy group.

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