How Netflix K-Drama Glitch Becomes Life-Changer to Director Roh Deok Revealed

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Director Roh Deok, who helmed the Netflix original K-drama series Glitch, spoke about the flick's history in a new interview.

Netflix added a new Korean sci-fi series to its catalog when it released Glitch on October 7. The original series explores the life of a young woman who seeks help from a UFO-watching club after her boyfriend goes missing.

The series features Jeon Yeo Been, Shin Rin Ah, Nana, and Jo Ye Rin as the main cast members.

Nearly a week since it premiered, director Roh Deok talked about how she made the show that now serves as a turning point in her career.

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Glitch Has Inspiring Story Before Release

On Wednesday, director Roh Deok sat down for an interview with The Korea Times at a Jongno District, central Seoul café. The showrunner spoke about the genre-bending flick and how she made it.

According to the director, the series had two to three times the turnaround time of a film. Thus, they went through many events during the process. With that, Glitch became a life changer to her as it made her change the way she approached the cast members and the production team.

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"In the past, my priority was focused on doing a good project. But with this one, I also learned to be there for the staff and those working together and put faith in them, which I felt actually helped them. This series has become a turning point," she said.

Director Roh Deok worked with Extracurricular writer, Gin Han Sai, to complete the series.

Why Director Roh Deok Accepted Offer To Direct Glitch

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Elsewhere in the interview, the showrunner recalled receiving the script for Glitch and why she did not hesitate to work on it.

Compared to other K-dramas, director Roh Deok reportedly wanted to work on it as she had been developing a similar story years ago. Although she wanted to show something like finding an identity, she could not finish the story the way she wanted to.

So when she saw Glitch's script, she found the story she had always wanted to work on in the past years.

"I felt I had to do it, because if I didn't take it, someone else would do it, and then the story I was originally developing would look like plagiarism. So it only felt right that I should direct it; not to have the project be on someone else's hand," she went on.

For the director, Glitch will start the trend of breaking the stereotype of putting a story into categorized genres.

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