Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown is Now Engaged

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown is Now Engaged
Credit: Netflix

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown is Now Engaged
Credit: Netflix

There is no denying that Netflix made a star with Millie Bobby Brown when she starred as Eleven in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes but who once was a child is now entering a new phase in her life as she is now engaged to her boyfriend, Jake Bongiovi, son of Bon Jovi.

Known to Stranger Things fans as Eleven, the sweet actress is now a lady who grew up right before the eyes of the whole world. Now, everyone is rejoicing as she proudly announced on Instagram that she is now engaged to Jake Bongiovi.

The 19-year-old actress shared the news to the whole world with the caption of the lyrics of Taylor Swift's song, Lover, "I've loved you three summers now, honey, I want 'em all."

Family, friends, and fans from across the globe filled the comments section of the post with love and congratulations. Her now-fiancé, Jake Bongiovi, proposed to her and the photo that Millie Bobby Brown posted showed genuine happiness within them.

Jake Bongiovi, born Jacob Hurley Bongiovi, is the son of the iconic singer-songwriter, Jon Bon Jovi, and Dorothea Hurley. The two met each other on Instagram then became friends, to lovers, to being engaged. The couple has been together since 2021.

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Millie Bobby Brown was 12 years old when she first played Eleven on Stranger Things and her growth over the years has been witness by many fans across the globe. Over the years, the actress faced heartbreaks along the way but now, she seems to have found pure happiness with Bongiovi.

Wedding bells are starting to ring but the details surrounding their forthcoming marriage has not been revealed yet, whether there would be Eggos at their reception or Bon Jovi songs playing at the background.

As for Millie Bobby Brown's return to Stranger Things, the series would be ending with Season 5 and there is no release date yet for the final season of the series.

Ah, young love! Congratulations, Millie Bobby Brown and Jake Bongiovi on your engagement!

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