Stranger Things Season 5: Possible Reason Behind Vecna Keeping His Victims’ Bodies Spell Danger For Eleven and Friends

Credit: Netflix India/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Netflix India/YouTube Screenshot

Fans have cast different theories about Stranger Things Season 5, and one assumption reveals the possible reason behind Vecna’s (Jamie Campbell Bower) move to keep his victims’ bodies.

A glimpse of Vecna’s mind lair in the fourth season revealed that the villain had been keeping his victims’ bodies, like Crissy (Grace Van Dien) and Fred (Logan Riley Bruner). Also known as One, he seems to have reasons for it, which spells danger in Stranger Things Season 5.

Taking Over His Victims’ Bodies

According to Screen Rant, the baddie wanted a human body after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) banished him to the Upside Down that destroyed his mortal flesh.

He has been keeping Crissy and Fred’s bodies in his mind lair, hinting that he may use them, though it remains to be seen how and when.

Will’s (Noah Schnapp) abduction in the first season may also have something to do with Vecna’s plan to have a human host.

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There are theories Vecna and Will are connected, and this may support the claim.

Another victim is Max (Sadie Sink). Though Vecna didn’t succeed in taking her life, he left her in a coma.

However, as Eleven finds it hard to see her in the parallel universe, there are questions if Vecna has been keeping her in her lair.

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Vecna may use Max to get back to Hawkins as a human, though he may have to get through her group of friends before he manages to do so.

Eleven as Vecna’s Human Host

Screen Rant added Vecna’s other possible victim is Eleven. It will be a huge danger for everyone in Stranger Things Season 5 if it happens.

Sure, Vecna is all-powerful, but he can’t defeat Eleven, who’s more powerful than he is.

After Eleven turns him down to take over the world, he may combine their powers if he manages to take over her body.

Knowing Eleven has always been saving her friends and loved ones, they now have to save her from Vecna.

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The main antagonist may start possessing bodies in the upcoming final season, making it more difficult to track him down.

However, fans should only take these assumptions with a grain of salt, as there are only mere theories.

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