Stranger Things and Deadpool Crossover Teased by Shawn Levy

There is no doubt that Stranger Things is currently one of the most popular TV shows right now. As the series is heading towards its final season, there have been questions about the future of its franchise after it ends. However, it looks like one of the ideas that are being considered is a crossover between the series and a beloved Marvel character.

Speaking recently with Variety during a red carpet interview at yesterday's Primetime Emmy Awards, Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy, who is also set to direct the third Deadpool film, was asked if there is a possibility that we will ever see a crossover between the two properties that he's involved in. As it turns out, they are actually considering the idea.

"Funnily enough, [Deadpool star] Ryan [Reynolds] and I were trying to figure out how in the world could we do a Deadpool-Stranger Things crossover," Levy said. "We haven’t cracked it yet, but it’s on the table."

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It is surprising to hear that a crossover between the two very distinct properties is in contention right now considering how different each of them is and it's the type of idea that no one would ever see happening because of the nature of each property.

While the idea of a crossover between the hit Netflix series and the Marvel character may sound playful, there is a likelihood that it won't end up happening at all considering that both rights are not owned by the same company and it would be a far reach for them to attempt to make it all work.

However, if they do try to crack a crossover between the two properties, the only chance that it would ever happen is through a fun advertisement that can go viral online similar to when they released a video of Deadpool and Korg doing a reaction to the trailer of Free Guy. For now, we can safely guess that it won't happen at all beyond conception.

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The fourth season of Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix. Meanwhile, a third Deadpool film is currently in development at Marvel Studios. You can check more details about it here.

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