Stranger Things 4: Director Shawn Levy Shares Overwhelming Reaction to Dear Billy Episode Praises

After three years of anticipation, the fourth season of the critically-acclaimed series Stranger Things has finally premiered on Netflix. Releasing seven episodes for the show's Volume 1 of a two-part finale, it appears like one episode stood out, and that is no other than the fourth episode titled, Dear Billy, helmed by renowned director Shawn Levy.


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The Dear Billy episode centers on Max's (Sadie Sink) realization that she only has less than one day to live after being cursed by Vecna. Max spent her remaining time writing some letters for her loved ones and went to visit her deceased brother Billy. Unfortunately, Vecna appeared on the scene and brought Max to the villain's eerie dimension, which almost appeared to be Max's final moments for the series.

While fans are on the edge of their seats as they witness Max’s gruesome fate, her friends came to save the day and played a song that would help Max get back to her senses. Aside from Max making it out of the villain's grasp, fans extremely found the episode satisfying and lauded Sadie Sink's exceptional performance, amazing cinematography, eerie musical score, and the episode's overall perfection.

Director Shawn Levy, who helmed the show's fourth episode, shared his overwhelming reaction to the fan praises the episode has been currently receiving.

See director Shawn Levy's tweet below:

In a separate tweet, Levy acknowledged Sadie Sink’s performance by retweeting a tweet from a fan, saying that Sadie is ‘insanely good’ and that helming Dear Billy is one of the highlights of Levy's directing career.

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It looks like director Shawn Levy is having the peak of his career. After directing Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy, Levy and Reynolds reunited once again on a Netflix original film, The Adam Project, which was also applauded by the audience. And just recently, Levy was tapped to direct Deadpool 3, marking Reynolds and Levy's third consecutive project.

As for Dear Billy, whatever Levy pulled off on this episode definitely paid off. Aside from the director's amazing creativity, we also have to give credit to Sadie Sink's outstanding performance as Max. Given that this season is the show's endgame, it's good to know that the series is delivering all of its best, of course, with the assistance of director Shawn Levy.

Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 1 is now available to stream on Netflix, while Volume 2 will arrive on July 1.

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