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Strange World Star Gabrielle Union Discusses the Importance of LGBTQ Representation in Disney Universe

Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

If this is the first time that you are hearing about this new Disney family-adventure-drama film, Strange World, you might not be the only one. But this is your sign to finally tune in, as this movie features a representation of LGBTQ people that we seldom see on screen.

Strange World follows the story of an LGBTQ teen, Ethan Clade, the son of Searcher and Meridian. Ethan’s sexuality is well-supported by his family. The film shows acceptance of sexuality as a natural element of the story.

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Credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In an interview with Screen Rant, Gabrielle Union (who plays Meridian Clade in the film) explains why the queer representation is significant in Strange World. She noted that such portrayals should be normalized on screen.

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“I think people keep using the word normalizing, and the reality is, it's normal. We're normalizing normal. It just is. The LGBTQ community exists. We are a part of every community in every society around the world. We just are.” affirmed Union.

She continued, “And creating a beautiful family-friendly action movie where everyone just gets to be, and we all move lovingly within that space, is incredibly important, because people think it has to be this super treacherous, this hand-wringing, this harmful, confusing experience to raise and love an LGBTQ child, and it's not. It really doesn't have to be at all.”

Union championed the discussion of generational issues that need to be debunked at this time because the world needs a loving space for everyone.

Bearing powerful words, she said, “And this is a beautiful example of a family, though perfectly imperfect, dealing with its own generational issues. They still create a loving space for everyone to exist exactly as they are, and I think the world needs that example.”

Despite Strange World's positive representation, fans have taken to social media to question why Disney does not promote it more.

Variety reported that the initial earnings for Strange World have been quite disappointing. Coming from a whopping budget of $180 million, the animated film only managed to make $800,000, which most fans are sad about.

However, fans have been keeping faith that Strange World will rise to attention once it streams on Disney+.

Strage World is out in theaters now. Watch the trailer below:

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