Star Wars: The Resistance Reborn Reveals a Mystery Behind the First Order Before The Rise of Skywalker

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Credit: Star Wars, Lucasfilm
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Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Wedge Antilles will be included in Star Wars: The Resistance Reborn. Apparently, we might also get to know more of Snap Wexley's character who we have briefly seen in The Force Awakens. And now, it looks like there are more surprising details in store for the fans before the premiere of The Rise of Skywalker.


This article contains spoilers for Resistance Reborn.

The story is set after the events of The Last Jedi. Among the surviving members of The Resistance are Poe and Rose, who were actually promoted to Commander. The Resistance is in dire need of help and Yendor gladly offered some to Leia and the group. The Resistance took shelter at Ryloth.

Meanwhile, the First Order is "putting pressures" on different planets and civilizations into the Outer Rim. Some of the places were even being placed upon unjust taxes. Eventually, some of the planets cannot just idly sit by, including the planet of Ryloth.

When Leia decided to send some Resistance members to their allies, a lot of them have disappeared. It was previously revealed that the First Order abducted children in Battlefront II to turn them into stormtroopers. But in Resistance Reborn, they are doing far worse; they actually captured and imprisoned people who are "sympathetic" towards the Resistance and made them get into labor camps.


However, the Resistance found a way to get a hand on the list of the prisoners and dissidents. This could give them a chance to save a lot of Resistance fighters who could be able to help with taking down the First Order. Also, one thing to note is that Wedge Antilles and his wife Norra could potentially be a huge help to the Resistance amidst the war (via Inverse).

This potential storyline could very well be included, even as a brief scene in The Rise of Skywalker. And since Wedge looks like he'll be an essential part of the war, there is a potential that he'll be appearing in the upcoming movie. Considering that it was also rumored that he'll be joining the cast of Episode IX.

For now, we could only wait for the release of Resistance Reborn on November 5 to actually find out the entirety of the events that happened following The Last Jedi.

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