12 Nov 2018 5:11 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Fanart Gives Whole New Take on Luke's Death

You may think that Star Wars: The Last Jedi had split the fandom in two, but a film that manages to spark heavy debate despite months after its release is no doubt something special. One of the most intense moments in the film was the reveal that Luke Skywalker was actually just a projection on Crait, and artist Jedi-Art-Trick has this cool take on Luke's final moments on Ach-To:

That's Luke focusing while getting help from his old masters Obi-Wan and Yoda, plus there's also the inclusion of the older Anakin Skywalker. No doubt this scene would have been cool in the film, but I guess seeing Luke alone is more of a testament to his powers in the Force.


Plus, the work on faithfully recreating Alec Guinness and Sebastian Shaw would have been excruciating for whoever was tasked to do it.

If anything, the scene is made all the more powerful with Luke looking at a binary sunset one more time before he disappears.

Though Luke Skywalker is gone, Mark Hamill, himself is still expected to make an appearance in Star Wars Episode IX. With Carrie Fisher having passed, the film has now fallen short of legacy characters to complete the ‘passing of the torch' as it were. Even an appearance from Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) won't be enough to make-up for Fisher's absence.

While Luke Skywalker may be gone, there's still a lot to explore with his story. Heck, I could watch a miniseries just chronicling the slaughter of his Jedi academy to his arrival on the planet of Ach-To. Make it happen, Disney+!

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20, 2019.

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