Star Wars Pinball Table Coming for 40th Anniversary

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If you've ever dreamt of owning your very own pinball machine laden with all things Star Wars, Stern Pinball has got you covered. For the 40th anniversary of the franchise, the arcade gaming company has unveiled its latest plans and looks for the pinball machine.


The official Star Wars Facebook page revealed a new video where Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik joined in the unveiling. Seen in the video below, we can see a glimpse of what the pinball machine looks like. According to the manufacturer, the Star Wars machine will be part of the franchise's anniversary, hence the design will focus heavily on the original trilogy.

Bleeding Cool has captured a few screenshots of the pinball machine's look, and the design seems to heavily borrow from the older Data East machines. Stern will offer the Steve Ritchie-designed pinball machines in the usual Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition versions, each of which will have different designs.

Included in the set are playfield toys and a hyperspace ramp to make sure that the nostalgia doesn't exclude the latest technology in pinball play. The little details in the pinball machine's design make it worth the wait.

For now, Stern Pinball has yet to announce the price and release date for the Star Wars 40th Anniversary pinball machine.


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