01 Jun 2017 11:48 AM +00:00 UTC

Studio Ghibli Joins the Call to Open Franchise Theme Parks

If you've ever wanted to frolic in the worlds created by one of Japan's most sought-after and well-loved studios, Studio Ghibli, this can become a reality in a few years.

Studio Ghibli will join the ranks of studios that have decided to create their own theme parks to celebrate the stunning locations that have been created within the studios' operations

According to Anime News Network, Studio Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki announced that Nagoya will be the location of the first Studio Ghibli park, set to open in 2020. The timing isn't a coincidence, as the studio's goal is to create and open the park before Tokyo's Summer Olympics commences.


The park will be situated at the 200-hectare area in Aichi's Expo Park. Its focal point would be My Neighbor Totoro, replicating the main house in the movie. This isn't surprising since the house was actually showcased as early as 2005 during the World's Fair also held at Expo Park.

Good news for fans even abroad is that the Studio Ghibli park is supposed to be open for both foreign and domestic tourists. The studio will closely collaborate with the Nagoya officials to ensure that the park is well taken care of.

It's high time for any Studio Ghibli fan to want to go to Japan. After all, apart from this planned park, there's also The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, which has interactive exhibits and models of the different Ghibli characters and worlds, that sure to transport you to some of the studio's most iconic locations.

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