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Star Wars Fans Launch Petition Demanding Disney to Restore Name of Boba Fett's Ship

Credit: Lucasfilm

The entire Star Wars fandom is still buzzing about Disney's controversial decision to rename Boba Fett's trusty ship Slave I and just simply call it "Boba Fett's Starship" moving forward. This stunning new development came to light during the recent LEGO CON 2021 as it was revealed that the franchise will no longer be referring to Fett's iconic vehicle as "Slave I". Naturally, it left a lot of fans pretty pressed and even actors Mark Anthony Austin and Daniel Logan aired their sentiments on social media about the controversial move.

As it stands, the House of Mouse has yet to issue an official statement regarding Slave I's name change and it looks like the company will be sticking with the ship's new name. However, it's not gonna happen on the fandom's watch. Just a few days after the issue gained mainstream attention, Star Wars diehards have launched a Change.org petition demanding Disney to keep the Slave I name.

The said petition, spearheaded by Star Wars geek Cody Pirkle kickstarted just a couple of days ago and is already gaining traction all across social media. Titled "Change the Slave-1's name back to the Slave-1", the said online movement is already close to reaching 1,500 signatures and it's safe to assume that it's not gonna stop there.

Just when you thought everything was already running pretty smoothly over at Lucasfilm, Disney makes yet another questionable decision that doesn't appeal to the Star Wars fanbase. It doesn't help that they still haven't addressed the issue but you can best believe that the increasing number of complaints Slave I's name change has been getting will leave the company with no choice but to revert back to calling Boba Fett's ship by its original name.

Meanwhile, The Book of Boba Fett will hit Disney+ in December.

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Boba Fett's Slave I
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