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Disney Renames Boba Fett's Slave I and Star Wars Fans Are Not Having It

They say if it ain't broke, don't fix it. That's exactly how fans feel about the sudden renaming of a Star Wars icon. Disney and Lucasfilm have decided that it's time to stop calling Boba Fett's ship Slave I and people have hilarious reactions to the change.

There were three new LEGO Star Wars sets unveiled at the recent LEGO CON 2021 but one caught the attention of fans. The new LEGO set for Slave I has been given the new name "Boba Fett's Starship (75312)".

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But what's with the sudden change? LEGO Star Wars Lead Designer Michael Lee Stockwell explained that it was Disney's call.

"We're not calling it Slave I anymore," Stockwell said. "This is Boba Fett's Starship." Design Director Jens Kronvold Frederiksen further added that "everybody is [dropping it]. It's probably not something which has been announced publicly but it is just something that Disney doesn't want to use anymore."

Not surprisingly, Star Wars fans are not happy about Slave I losing the name that it had for decades (these are all jokes).

It's understandable why Disney and Lucasfilm are making changes. In the age of Black Lives Matter, the studio clearly wants to distance itself from terms like "slave". On the other hand, people argue that the ship's original name was part of Jango Fett and his son Boba's dark history and should not be tampered with.

Do you agree that Boba Fett's Starship should remain to be called Slave I? Did Disney make the right move by making the change? Sound off in the comments below.

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