Star Wars Fans Bash The Fallen Order’s Lead Character For Being A ‘Generic White Guy’

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EA and Respawn Entertainment dropped the very first trailer for Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order during the 2019 Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, and while most fans were blown away by the footage, some fans felt disappointed by the game's lead character, Cal Kestis.

For those who haven't been keeping up with the Star Wars news front, EA's new single-player action adventure game focuses on the adventures of Cal Kestis, a Padawan who managed to survive the massacre brought about by Order 66. While the teaser trailer for The Fallen Order seems to portray Cal as a benevolent and courageous young man, some fans have been clamoring about the character's ethnicity, complaining that the Padawan seems like nothing but a "generic white guy."


Check out some of the tweets down below:


There's been a call for diversity and representation in media the past few years, producing groundbreaking films like Black Panther, Wonder Woman, and Captain Marvel. EA's last Star Wars game, Star Wars Battlefront 2, also made major steps for the movement with its lead character Iden Versio being a woman of color who plays the role of the Captain of the Inferno Squad. Seeing Cal in EA's new game must seem a bit disappointing for gamers looking for diversity and representation in The Fallen Order.

Some other fans on the other hand find no problem with Cal and his ethnicity, worrying more about whether or not EA eventually incorporates microtransactions into the game.

Star Wars: The Fallen Order is set to release on November 12 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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