Star Wars Fans Are Divided by Marcia Lucas’ Harsh Criticism Against Sequel Trilogy

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

It's been nearly two years since the Star Wars universe closed out the Skywalker saga in the most divisive way possible but it doesn't come as a surprise how until now, fans are still talking about Disney's controversial sequel trilogy which according to some people almost killed the franchise. This week, one of the key people behind the original trilogy and someone who is near and dear to George Lucas stunned the Star Wars community following her harsh criticism against the final three films of the saga.

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Credit: lucasfilm

George's ex-wife Marcia Lucas made headlines after airing her grievances regarding the sequel trilogy in the newly released Howard Kazanjian: A Producer's Life biography. Turns out, one of the editors of the original trilogy wasn't a fan of Disney's take on the franchise and she made sure to call out the people whom she thinks should take the blame for the sequels turning out to be a critical flop.

During one of her pieces in the book, Marcia blasted Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy and director J.J. Abrams, claiming that they know nothing about the franchise. Of course, Lucas' feisty comments hold a lot of merit to them but shockingly enough, the fans are divided by her statement. Check out some of the reactions below:

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The way Disney handled the sequel trilogy surely left a bitter taste in a lot of fans' mouths. The House of Mouse tried to make amends through the creation of The Mandalorian which eventually became a smash hit but it's still pretty evident that the atrocity that is the sequel trilogy is still haunting them today. Despite the MandoVerse getting some love from Star Wars diehards, I don't think Lucasfilm has recovered from the sequels.

The entire Skywalker saga is available for streaming on Disney+.

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