Star Wars: Episode IX Title Leak Suggests Kylo Ren's Rise To Power

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There are several theories about the Star Wars: Episode IX title going around these days. However, a new leak suggests that the sequel will focus on Kylo Ren and his rise to power.

We better be ready for a stronger Kylo in Episode IX. According to Express, the new leak confirms that the new Star Wars film is all about Adam Driver's brooding character.

"JJ Abrams has been going through some rewrites and some script rewrites…. Titles were suggested for Episode 9. One of these, and take it with a pinch of salt, was Star Wars: Order of Ren," the source revealed.

The outlet was quick to point out that this might not be the final title for Episode IX. However, it is one of the strongest contenders that Abrams was leaning towards.

"This is something being taken about now, it's a huge rumor about JJ Abrams and the shift with the script and adjustments... There has been lots of talk that the movie will either be called Order of Ren or was going to be called Order of Ren."

It certainly has an ominous tone to it. In addition to confirming that Kylo Ren will finally take control of his fate, the title suggests that we will get to see the Knights of Ren in action.


The Knights of Ren have been teased since Star Wars: The Force Awakens although they only appeared in a brief sequence. Could this mean that Rey actually saw the future when she saw the Knights in her vision? This could be an interesting development in the story.

We're still unsure if Episode IX will be given the title Order of Ren. In the meantime, it's best to take this with a grain of salt and hope that Lucasfilm and Disney will announce the official title this November.

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