Star Wars Battlefront II: Obi-Wan Spotted in General Grievous Launch Trailer

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General Grievous has finally arrived in Star Wars Battlefront II, and everyone is celebrating the return of the infamous droid general. EA Star Wars has released a launch trailer for the character, and a neat Easter Egg shows off the map of Geonosis along with next month's incoming hero, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Here's a screencap:

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We don't know much about Obi-Wan's gameplay for now, but it's said that his moveslist will be more on defense rather than attack. I'm guessing he would be pretty useful in the field with ally troopers, and maybe they'll give him a Jedi mind trick as one of his abilities.


Going back to General Grievous, though he's known best for his ability to wield four lightsabers, his default mode actually has him just wield two. The extra two sabers just come out when he does his special thrust ability. Besides that, he has a claw rush attack that makes him crawl on all fours, and he has another move which lets him push forward with two blades spinning in front of him—just like in the film.

Grievous also comes with two skins in the game, his default skin, as well as a battle, damaged one. It's also teased that he's going to get another look come next month, and I'm crossing my fingers that it's actually Grievous pre-cyborg. Besides that, I imagine they're just going to give him a cape.

General Grievous is now playable for Star Wars Battlefront II. Play it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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