Star Wars: Andor Showrunner Reveals How Jason Bourne Films Influenced the Series

There is little doubt that Andor is one of the most highly anticipated Star Wars shows this year, thanks to the thrilling full trailer depicting cool action sequences teasing espionage and alliances. Needless to say, the upcoming Disney+ series looks like a gritty spy film for a good reason. Showrunner Tony Gilroy has just confirmed that the Jason Bourne films hugely influenced the Rogue One prequel.

It's a given that Andor would be compared to the Bourne film franchise. After all, the showrunner happens to be the same man who wrote the screenplay for the first three movies about Jason Bourne. So it's no surprise that Tony Gilroy has confirmed with SFX magazine that the Matt Damon films were a major influence on how Andor will deal with all the action (via Total Film).

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"[With Bourne] I had been trying to get people to make an acoustic action movie because action movies had gotten so bombastic in the ’80s, they were just enormous," Gilroy said. "So when Bourne came along, we went way down to nothing."

He continued, "It was about making it real. Keeping someone you really understand and really care about in a place that you understand the geography of, with stakes, is much more involving than a guy on a train with 15 machine guns and a helicopter coming down."

"That aesthetic, that idea, does carry over to Andor because we are on the ground with these people, so that everything that we do has an intimacy and an acoustic nature to it within the grandeur of Star Wars," Gilroy concluded.

This is promising news since we love the idea of a smart spy thriller set in the Star Wars Universe. With that in mind, we can't wait for Andor to premiere next month.

Andor will get a three-episode premiere on Disney+ on September 21, 2022.

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