Star Wars Actor to Potentially Appear in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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Credit: Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm

It looks like a Star Wars actor could be making her way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!


Despite seeing a glimpse of the show on the Disney+ Super Bowl trailer and from a couple of set videos and photos, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is still shrouded in secrecy. However, a new report suggests that Solo: A Star Wars Story actor Erin Kellyman, who plays the role of Enfys Nest, could be joining the cast of the Disney+ show.

In a new entry for their speculative Connecting Imaginary Dots series, Murphy's Multiverse gathered some evidence to prove that there is a chance the Solo star could have a role in the Marvel series. The outlet mentioned that Kellyman was shooting an undisclosed TV show in Atlanta around the same time that Falcon and the Winter Soldier was filming. In addition, the actress was also in Prague at the same time the Disney+ series was shooting.

There's also some saved Instagram stories backing up the claim that Kellyman was in Atlanta and Prague. As well as a story from one of the actress' friends, Dayna Browning, where she mentioned that Kellyman was in "two of the biggest franchises ever." Assuming that Star Wars is one of them and the other, possibly, the MCU.


The outlet also mentioned that Desmond Chiam, who is "definitely" on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, follows Kellyman. There are also a couple of stunt people from the show that follows the actor, including Hannah Scott, who has almost the same height as the actor. It was also pointed out that Kellyman liked some of Scott's posts, including a sightseeing picture on Prague as well as Scott's post of the Disney+ Super Bowl trailer.

While this is only speculation, for now, it'll be interesting to learn which character Kellyman could be playing and whether her character is a big part of the show that has to be kept a secret.

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