Star Wars' Acolyte Star Puts Career on Line; Elaborates Show's Awesome Technical

Star Wars is obviously popular, and with its stunning production—from the sets to the costumes—viewers are sure to be left amazed, including the stars themselves, who happen to be in the actual setting, witnessing the collective effort that is behind the greatness of their cherished franchise. One of the upcoming Star Wars projects, The Acolyte, is next in line to awe its audience with its tiny and biggest details on production.

In an interview with, one of the show’s stars, Amandla Stenberg, narrated her experience on set and how it wows her given that she’s a big fan of the franchise prior to starring in one of its projects.

“What can I say that won't get me fired? Walking onto set, I'll just say this, this is vague enough. You know that it must take a lot of technical ability and craftsmanship to make Star Wars, but you have no clue how expansive it is until you're a part of it. Whether it's the puppeteers or the costume designers, or all of the folks from all the different departments who build the sets, you don't realize how much incredible technology and foresight there is in every element until you're there.” detailed Stenberg.

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According to the official description for Star Wars: The Acolyte, the series falls into the category of a mystery-thriller that will take the audience into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark side powers in the final days of the High Republic era. Stenberg has been cast as the show's lead, and the show’s director, Leslye Headland, initially stated that the project would be female-centric.

Given the toxic remarks directed at female actors in the Star Wars universe, Daisy Ridley, who played Rey Skywalker and is one of the franchise's faces, recently praised The Acolyte production and its new female, non-binary leads, with Stenberg leading the way.

“Amandla Stenberg can handle herself. She’s been working for a long time. I sat next to someone at the ‘Wakanda Forever’ premiere, an executive, and they said [‘The Acolyte’] is amazing… Everyone knows how things are and how they can be. We’re all living in that, with people saying more than they need to and commenting more than they need to. It’s so individual. Find the good in it all and enjoy it.” affirmed Ridley.

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The Acolyte is expected to wrap filming in May and will likely target a 2024 release date. More details are expected to be unveiled during the Star Wars Celebration in April.

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