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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Series in the Works at Paramount+

The Star Trek franchise has been expanding in the past few years as they are developing more streaming shows starting with Star Trek: Discovery in 2017 and they have now also ventured into adult animation with Star Trek: Lower Decks and family-friendly animation with Star Trek: Prodigy. Now, it looks like the franchise is going to expand yet again as another new show is in development.

Deadline has reported that CBS Studios and Alex Kurtzman's Secret Hideout are developing a new Star Trek series titled Star Trek: Starfleet Academy for Paramount+. The series, which shares the same name as the late 1990s video game, will be set among the college of cadets mentored for leadership roles in the United Federation of Planets space force.

Absentia co-creator Gaia Violo is said to be penning the project. It is also believed to be the next series in the Star Trek development pipeline as it will be pitched to Paramount+ soon with plans to get it going by next year.

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Paramount+ has been doubling down on the Star Trek franchise and, as revealed by the recent release date announcements of Picard season 2 and Strange New Worlds, every single week this year until around July will have at least one new episode of a Star Trek series premiering on the streamer. It's also been reported that the long-planned Section 31 series starring Michelle Yeoh is expected to be picked up soon.

Thanks to the streaming wars where we see a lot of IPs being expanded to more projects, it is not surprising that Paramount+ and Kurtzman are working on yet again another Star Trek series. The idea of the new project being set in Starfleet Academy is intriguing as there are a lot of stories that they can tell about the characters who are set to go to the final frontier. It would be interesting to find out which timeline will the series be set in and if we might see some of the well-known characters show up in their younger years. Either way, Trekkies should be delighted that there is another series in the franchise that they can look forward to.

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For now, you can catch the mid-season finale of Star Trek: Prodigy this Thursday on Paramount+ while the fourth season of Discovery will resume its run next week.

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