Star Trek: Picard's Patrick Stewart Addresses Logan Comparisons

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There is little doubt that Jean-Luc Picard is probably the most well-known character played by Patrick Stewart. However, some fans would argue that his portrayal of Charles Xavier in the X-Men films is just as memorable. So can we truly avoid any comparisons between Star Trek: Picard and Logan? Stewart says fans probably shouldn't be doing that.

Stewart recently spoke to about Picard and how he compared the series to Logan. However, he pointed out that he only did so since the Hugh Jackman film made it easy for him to communicate with the creative team on what he was expecting in the Star Trek series.


"I am reluctant to make comparisons because when I cited Logan it was still a very, very fresh experience for me and I only used it to enforce to the people I was talking to – Alex [Kurtzman] and Michael [Chabon] and Akiva [Goldsman] – that it was very important that our starting off point was not the day that I walked off the Enterprise say, but other things, more complicated things, things that he is perhaps badly responsible for, not doing his job properly, not being effective, and also letting pride control his actions and self-regard control his actions, which is very un-Picard-like but is truthful in this situation," Stewart said.

This is interesting considering that Logan was filmed back in 2016 before being released the following year. This means that Stewart had already been planning to return as the Enterprise captain for several years. Nevertheless, we're glad that he decided to return to the franchise.

Star Trek: Picard will premiere on CBS All Access on January 23.

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