Star Trek Legend William Shatner Dismisses Rumors Linking Him to Fourth Trek Film

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Credit: CBS

William Shatner is easily one of the most beloved and celebrated actors in Star Trek lore and it isn't hard to understand why fans are still clamoring for him to make his triumphant return to the franchise almost 30 years since he last played the iconic role of Captain James T. Kirk in live-action form.

We reported this week that a rumored fourth Star Trek film set in the fan-favorite Kelvin timeline is actually in the works which would see Chris Pine make his as an alternate version of Kirk. Rumors also suggest that Shatner in some capacity will also be involved in the supposed project.

The modern take on Trek has been hit-and-miss for director J.J. Abrams. The franchise reboot started out great with 2009's Star Trek becoming a sure-fire hit. It was then followed up with 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness which wasn't as well-received as its predecessor. 2016's Star Trek Beyond was a critical hit but failed to deliver in the box office and this led Paramount to go back to the drawing board with a rumored fourth film.

Now, with the news involving William Shatner's possible Trek comeback gaining a lot of traction, the acting legend has finally come out to dismiss the said rumors. Taking to Twitter, Shatner seemingly mocked previous reports and claimed they were all clickbait. Check out his reaction here:


Welp, I guess the rumors can now be put to rest once and for all but that's not to say that a fourth Star Trek film set in the Kelvin timeline isn't gonna happen as I'm pretty sure Paramount is actually toying with the idea. For now, let's just keep our fingers crossed. As for Shatner, let's give the man a break as he's already enjoying his time away from the franchise. Playing a character for three decades is no joke.

Meanwhile, for your Trek fix, check out all three seasons of Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access.

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