Star Trek 4 Reportedly Getting Considered With William Shatner Possibly Returning

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There is nothing that can prevent the continued popularity and growth of the Star Trek franchise on both television and feature film. In fact, there was even a point where there were up to four movies under the franchise that was in different stages of development. However, Paramount was forced to deny that they have given up on developing big-screen blockbusters, despite putting the whole four under-production films on hold.

Director Noah Hawley released his reboot favoring Hulu's Alien series with Ridley Scott. Meanwhile, Producer Robert Sallin's pitch for the franchise was just the seed of the idea. Meanwhile, Quentin Tarantino's R-rated efforts seemed to not move any Star Trek plans forward. In the process of elimination, putting the fourth installment of the ‘under-production' movies within the Kelvin timeline as the possible main contender to push through.

Chris Pine Star Trek poster
Credit: Paramount

The latest reports claiming that Star Trek 4 is currently being considered once again under the new director who will replace S.J. Clarkson. reported that Zachary Quinto mentioned how the cast would probably love to come back. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto apparently want it to happen. Although, Simon Pegg is quite unsure about it.

Not only is the Star Trek 4 apparently on the table again, but William Shatner is also reportedly eyed to fill up the role which was played by Leonard Nimoy in the first two Star Trek movies.

The most recent update to the rumor mill, reported that Chris Hemsworth may return as George Kirk. If this turns out to be true, the studio will need to sign him up to a new deal, even after they previously failed to come to common terms which made him walk away from the project.

As of this moment, there is no confirmation for Star Trek 4 so stay tuned for updates as we monitor the development of this news story.


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