Star Trek: Brent Spiner Teases The Next Generation Reboot, Reacts to Data Being Recast

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Star Trek: The Original Series already got its reboot but is it time to do the same thing for Star Trek: The Next Generation? Brent Spiner has addressed the possibility of a film that will feature a completely new cast and had a relatable reaction to Data being recast.

Spiner is currently promoting his fictionalized autobiography Fan Fiction: A Mem-Noir: Inspired by True Events. While speaking to Syfy Wire, the veteran actor admitted he enjoyed the recent J.J. Abrams films.

"I've loved the recent movies," Spiner said. He then added that there is a huge possibility that Star Trek: The Next Generation could get the same treatment.

"I think that sooner or later, they're going to do a reboot, a motion picture version of Next Generation, and cast some young guys in our parts," Spiner stated.

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But what will he hold a grudge against the next actor who plays Data? "Well, of course, I do." Spiner joked. "But no, I look forward to seeing it. I think it would be cool if they spun our show off."

There are a lot of Trekkies who will beg to differ. On the other hand, it could be the direction that Paramount will take with Star Trek in the future.


Although it's inevitable that The Next Generation will get a reboot in the future, it probably won't happen anytime soon. After all, the current TNG actors are still part of Star Trek: Picard and it looks like the series will last at least three more seasons. Spiner himself appeared in the first season and Patrick Stewart has just started working on Season 2.

What do you think of a Star Trek: The Next Generation reboot? Sound off in the comments below.

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