Squid Game Production Designer Scores Award At 26th Art Directors Guild Awards

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: NETFLIX/YouTube Screenshot

Squid Game production designer recently took over the spotlight after the series and its cast member continuously brought home honors and recognitions.

Although it has already been months since Squid Game first dominated the global charts, the series unceasingly captures award-giving bodies’ attention and makes it to several nominations.

The Netflix drama focuses on the lives of 456 players who are in deep financial debt. In Squid Game, they play different children’s games that have been transformed into bloody and deadly versions. The players then risk their lives in pursuit of winning the $38.5 million cash prize.

While some people start to watch the series again, Squid Game earns more attention, leading them to garner more accolades.

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Squid Game Production Designer Chae Kyoung Sun Wins At 26th Art Directors Guild Awards

During the 26th Art Directors Guild Awards held in Los Angeles on Saturday, the series’ designer Chae Kyoung Sun beat the other international designers and won the One Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series category for Squid Game’s sixth episode, Gganbu.

She beat other nominees competing for the award, including Succession’s Stephen Carter, The Handmaid’s Tale’s Elisabeth Williams, The Morning Show’s Nelson Coates, and s Nelson Coates, and Yellowstone’s Cary White.

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But even before working for Squid Game, Chae Kyoung Sun already proved her worth by working on the set of Exit and The Fortress – which director Hwang Dong-Hyuk also directed.

Outside the series, the production designer has also won several accolades already, one of which is Korea’s Grand Bell Awards for her films Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow and The Royal Tailor.

The Episode That Scored the Award

The episode earned the title of having the most tear-jerking scenes as the remaining players have to play a marble game of their choice. Instead of working as a pair, they have to win all their partner’s marbles to survive.

Saebyeok and Player 240, named Ji-Yeong, made fans cry when they chose to share their life stories before playing a game. In the end, Ji Yeong sacrifices her life since Saebyeok has more reasons to leave.

Sangwoo tricks Ali, which results in the latter’s death.

The highlight of the episode, a game between Gi Hun and Player 001, caused more tears as the old man pretends his dementia kicks in. Upon learning that Player 001 knows Gi Hun’s deception, he gives up and allows Gi Hun to win since he is his gganbu (trusted friend).

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