Han So Hee Shock: Actress Agency Addresses Issue About Nevertheless Star's Mother's Debt

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Credit: 1STLOOK/YouTube Screenshot

Han So Hee has been a hot topic for the wrong reason after getting involved in a controversy involving her mother.

Han So Hee waited for years before becoming a breakout star. Starting as a model, she eventually began her career in the acting industry in 2016 until landing on the lead roles that contributed to her fame even more.

The South Korean actress finally scored the spotlight when she starred in JTBC's hit series, The World of the Married. The show itself ended, but it became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. Her fortune did not end there as she was also tapped to play the main roles in other shows, including Nevertheless and My Name.

However, Han So Hee needed to change her path for now as she had been linked to her mother’s recent controversy about the matriarch’s debts.

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Han So Hee’s Agency Speaks Up About Actress’ Mother

On March 6, the long-existing issue of Han So Hee’s mother went viral again after a YouTuber opened up about the lawsuit the matriarch recently received. The actress’ mother reportedly used an account under her name, causing the 100 Days My Prince actress to also suffer from a case for violating the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.

Following the reemergence of the issue, Han So Hee’s agency, 9ato Entertainment, released a new statement on Monday to explain the news regarding her mother.

According to the agency, Shin (Han So Hee’s mother) used a bank account under the actress’ name to borrow money. She reportedly opened the account when she was a minor and used it to apply for a loan without the actress’ knowledge.

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It reportedly occurred multiple times that a case about forgery had also been filed. A civil trial had since been carried out to clarify that Han So Hee had nothing to do with the issues.

“Money was borrowed using an account under Han So Hee’s name, but it is insufficient to acknowledge that Han So Hee is jointly responsible for the debt due to this, so there is no evidence to acknowledge [her involvement],” the Ulsan District Court’s final ruling said, as quoted by the company.

9ato Entertainment also apologized for causing concern due to private matters.

As for the reason why it issued a statement, it revealed that the additional explanation aimed to prevent another similar incident in the future. Han So Hee also said she would not take responsibility for the debt.

Han So Hee’s Mother’s Debt Explored

It all started in July 2020 when an anonymous user shared the issue in an online community.

According to the source, Han So Hee’s mother ran off with the actress’ Gye money. It is a traditional private loan fund where members can pitch in a set amount of money every month before taking turns to take out a lump sum of the private fund.

"Starting from October 2015 to August 2016, I formed a Gye with a person claiming to be the mother of a celebrity. I paid 2.45 million KRW (~2,037.33 USD) every month. I tried to conserve money, so I couldn't even eat properly. The celebrity's mother ghosted when it was my turn to receive the lump sum in September 2016. I told her I was going to report her to the police and she replied,” the first issue said.

Although she is not at fault for what happened, Han So Hee already released an apology statement in 2020 for causing discomfort due to the incident. The actress received the public’s sympathy, and her fans continue to support her amid trying times.


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