Squid Game Tops Netflix Global Rankings and Becomes The First Korean Drama to Hit #1 Spot in US

The latest Korean smash hit Squid Game has topped the global rankings on Netflix, and has become the first Korean drama to claim the No. 1 spot in the U.S. on the streaming platform, according to data from FlixPatrol.

Squid Game Netflix
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Credit: Netflix

Written and directed by Hawang Dong-hyuk (Miss Granny, The Fortress), the nine-episode series follows group of people with huge debts participating in a series of survival games and risk their lives to win 45.6 billion won ($38.5 million). Its depication of the battle between the haves and have-nots have drawn comparisons to the Oscar-winning Korean film Parasite. The show is also being compared to the Netflix Japanese series Alice in Borderland, which is based on the manga series by Haro Aso, because of its depiction of brutal survival games.

Despite wide praise from audiences worldwide, Squid Game was recently accused of plagiarizing parts of the Japanese film As the Gods Will, but that's not stopping the hit South Korean series from topping the charts and sparking the Korean media stock surge.

Squid Game #1 on Netflix
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Credit: Netflix

Smartkarma analyst Douglas Kim recently toldBloombergthat stocks of South Korean companies connected to movie and TV production are expected to "outperform" in the next 2-3 years thanks to the global demand for the country's entertainment content.

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Squid Game is now available to stream on Netflix. If you're wondering if there will be a second season for the South Korean series, check out more information here.

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