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Squid Game Gangster Heo Sung Tae Shatters Wife's Heart By Breaking One Promise

Credit: Netflix

Heo Sung Tae, the Korean actor who played the role of gangster Jang Deok Su on Squid Game, broke the promise he made to his wife years ago.

Squid Game viewers surely developed hatred toward Jang Deok Su on the Netflix series. The character infamously manipulated other players to survive several games.

However, he ended up losing the game because of Han Min Yeo (Kim Joo Ryong).

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Heo Sung Tae and Han Min Yeo's NSFW Scene On Squid Game Explored

Squid Game Gangster, Heo Sung Tae, Shatters Wife's Heart By Breaking One Promise To Her
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In Squid Game, Heo Sung Tae plays the role of gangster Jang Deok Su who joined the mystery survival game to pay his gambling debts after a misunderstanding with his boss.

Meanwhile, Kim Joo Ryong's Han Mi Nyeo does everything she can to win the game, including seducing other players or begging them. The female character particularly has her eyes on Jang Deok Su, who looks like the strongest player among them.

To be part of Jang Deok Su's team, Han Min Nyeo wins his approval sexually. The duo notably does an NSFW scene inside the bathroom. The characters pledged to help one another until the last game, with the female character issuing a warning she would kill him if he betrays her.

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Before the marble games, Jang Deok Su leaves Han Mi Nyeo alone and chooses a different partner. All remaining players thought that the game officials would kill the erratic woman as non-participation in games means being eliminated.

However, she reappears during the Glass Bridge Game, surprising Jang Deok Su and other players. As all players before the gangster already died, he refuses to move and threatens everyone. However, Han Mi Nyeo agrees to walk before him to risk her own life and save others.

Instead of dying alone, she wraps her arms around Jang Deok Su and falls backward.

How did Heo Sung Tae Break His Wife's Heart With His Squid Game Scenes?

Squid Game Gangster, Heo Sung Tae, Shatters Wife's Heart By Breaking One Promise To Her
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While all Heo Sung Tae's scenes on Squid Game are commendable, his bathroom sex scene with Kim Joo Ryong caused him to break the promise he made to his wife.

After the episode was aired, viewers looked back at the actor's 2016 interview on SBS Love FM's Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook's Sister Radio, where he revealed that he promised his wife not to have sex scenes in movies series he starred in.

"My wife already banned me from filming bed scene. (She already drew the line), "he said at that time.

His wife reportedly told him she could tolerate seeing him naked on TV. However, she would never agree to him having a bed scene. When the show's hosts asked whether he would do it if the drama offered him a whopping amount of salary, he shook his head and insisted he would not do it.

With the reemergence of the interview, Squid Game viewers asked Heo Sung Tae whether he got a huge salary in exchange for filming the scene. However, actor is yet to address his past statement or reveal how much the creators paid him.

Still, it is safe to assume that Heo Sung Tae maintained his professionalism throughout the filming of the sex scene. His wife also has nothing to worry about his potential relationship with his co-star since Kim Joo Ryung is happily married to Yong Suk Yoo and currently shares one daughter with him.

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