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Squid Game Star Lee Yoo Mi Effortlessly Breaks People's Hearts With Her Visuals

Credit: Netflix

Squid Game viewers immediately noticed Lee Yoo Mi's visual on the series, and she reminded her of one of the most beloved K-pop idols — Sulli.

Lee Yoo Mi played the role of Ji-Yeong in the now-hit Netflix series Squid Game. She and her co-star, Jung Ho Yeon, famously made everyone cry during the marble game in the series. While other players came up with their own marble games, Ji Yeong and Sae Byeok decided to sit down and talked about their lives instead.

In the end, Lee Yoo Mi's character lets go of her marble and allows Sae Byeok to win as the latter has more reasons to live for.

The tearjerking scene indeed left a great impression on viewers, but the fact that Lee Yoo Mi looks like Sulli broke people's hearts even more.

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Squid Game's Lee Yoo Mi Reminds K-pop Fans Of Late Star, Sulli

Squid Game Star, Lee Yoo Mi, Breaks People's Hearts With Her Visual: Why K-pop Fans Feel Sad Revealed
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As soon as her character popped off the screen, Lee Yoo Mi flaunted her similar vibes compared to Sulli. The actress' plump lips and eye smile perfectly resemble the late Korean idol's features.

Soon after her character was shot to death, many K-pop fans remembered Sulli, whose second death anniversary will be on Thursday.

The former f(x) member was found dead after committing suicide inside her apartment. The authorities responded to the scene found a note but clarified it was not a suicide note.

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Days before her passing, she was still able to film an ad film and showed no signs of being depressed or down. No other details about her death were published as the family wished to held her funeral away from the public eye.

The tragic death of Sulli indeed left fans heartbroken, and they all can still feel the pain now. After seeing Lee Yoo Mi, all the memories came barging back. Still, they took their time to applaud the actress for her unique and commendable performance on Squid Game.

Lee Yoo Mi Left Good Impression To Jung Ho Yeon, As Well

Squid Game Star, Lee Yoo Mi, Breaks People's Hearts With Her Visual: Why K-pop Fans Feel Sad Revealed Sulli
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Apart from the viewers, Lee Yoo Mi also made a heartfelt impression on her co-stars.

In a recent interview, Jung Ho Yeon thanked Lee Yoo Mi for supporting her during her debut acting project. She also revealed how they spent time together before the shoot and exchanged friendly notes before recording their scenes.

After working together, the Squid Game actress said she is lucky to work with a good senior.

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