Squid Game Actor Lee Jung Jae's Fans Slam Reporter Over Disrespectful Question

Credit: Netflix/Squid Game

Credit: Netflix/Squid Game

Squid Game actor Lee Jung Jae already established his empire as an actor and a former model long before the Netflix series arrived.

Lee Jung Jae was a simple model before he eventually grew further and made his acting debut through the 1993 drama, Dinosaur Teacher. Immediately after starring in the series, he often scored lead roles that led him to a household name, including The Young Man and the famous 1994 drama Feelings.

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His notable acting skills on big and TV screens were constantly highlighted, causing him to earn more titles under his belt.

With his decades-old career, Koreans surely fell in love before Squid Game came. However, one media outlet made it look like Lee Jung Jae was a nugu actor who only got famous because he played the role of Seong Gi Hun.

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Lee Jung Jae Smirks After Hearing Absurd Question

On Wednesday, extratv shared a video of its interviewer asking Squid Game stars questions. The first part of the interview was smooth and ideal, not until the female reporter asked the actor a question that – for fans – was disrespectful.

"For you, I'm sure you can't leave the house anymore without people recognizing you. What has been the biggest life-change for you since the series came out?" the staff asked.

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While the reporter was asking the question, Lee Jung Jae seemingly understood what she wanted to say, that he immediately offered a smirk before the interpreter translated the query.

Internet users quickly expressed their rage toward the interviewer and the news outlet as the single question reportedly insulted a Korean veteran star.

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Extra has not commented on the recent disaster interview yet. But some fans want them to apologize and be mindful of their questions in the future.

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Lee Jung Jae Proves His Power By Landing On New Project

The reporter probably sees Lee Jung Jae as a mere rising star, but the actor himself proved his demand again by becoming part of Gucci.

Most recently, the actor officially became a global brand ambassador of the Italian luxury brand. The source from Gucci confirmed the news, saying that the brand chose him for his "profound" acting and "sophisticated fashion style."

"With a successful career based on his profound and versatile acting and a sophisticated fashion style, Lee Jung Jae is well-loved all around the world as an artist who represents South Korea. Lee Jung Jae's charismatic and iconic style and a strong self-identity is similar to Gucci's philosophy that values acceptance of diversity and self-expression."

With Lee Jung Jae's newest international milestone, it is indeed safe to say that the actor is charismatic enough that he made Squid Game more worthy of watching.

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