Bang Si Hyuk, BTS's Agency HYBE Chairman, Suffers From Injury



Bang Si Hyuk became the first person to prove that a K-pop group does not need to come from the Big 3 to become successful – and he applied that to BTS.

But amid the fortune he and the company savor, the PD recently suffered an injury that made his artists' fans worry about him.

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Bang Si Hyuk Injured: What Happened To Music Mogul?

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Recently, Bang Si Hyuk met fashion designer Yoni P and her husband, Steve J, at her café. Fans immediately noticed the cast that had been wrapped around his leg and calf, causing massive worry to fans.

According to Yoni P, the producer injured his leg but still visited her store despite that. She then thanked Bang Si Hyuk by writing a heartfelt caption alongside the pictures of them.

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One caption read, as translated by AllKpop:

"Our chairman Bang Si Hyuk whom I respect so much in real life and has achieved the biggest success among everyone I know. But, he is forever the Si Hyuk oppa who buys me good food. He even injured his leg and yet he visited the cafe in a wheelchair. He liked how there were many people. He even sent me a photo that we took 10 years ago, saying that it's already been 10 years since we've known each other. He's a sweet man, if you get to know him! I'm always so proud~ I always root for your amazing road ahead."

It remains unknown why he visited the café, but fans assumed he went there for a friendly chit-chat with the couple or to talk about their potential collaboration.

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Bang Si Hyuk Working Harder Despite Glitches

From being a simple producer under one of K-pop's biggest companies, Bang Si Hyuk decided to create his own empire and created Big Hit Entertainment. Although it was never a smooth path to tread on, he continuously managed his company until he rose to fame after helping BTS gain more international support and attention.

Bang Si Hyuk went on to expand his company and named it HYBE. As of the writing, he is included in Korea's 50 Richest People and the only person from the entertainment industry to reach the milestone.

As BTS grows its popularity, Bang Si Hyuk's fortune and company are also expected to expand.

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