Square Enix Cancels E3-Style Presentation and Will Announce New Games Individually

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After the gigantic release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it's fair to say that Square Enix is on a bit of a roll and we're eager to see what they plan on releasing next. When E3 was canceled due to the Coronavirus, Square Enix initially revealed that they would look for other options to unveil their titles. It seems like those plans have been thrown out since reports are coming in that they will just announce their new games individually.

Twitter user Takashi Mochizuki stated that developing assets for an E3-style show has proven to be difficult so they are just going to announce their new games via a trailer or press release. We doubt that we'll be seeing the next part of Final Fantasy VII Remake announced but there are many of us hoping for a Kingdom Hearts collection on Nintendo Switch. No joke, that would make this writer's day. Marvel's Avengers is also another title fans are curious about and another update on the game would be nice.

Square Enix has had a pretty solid 2020 thus far, with Final Fantasy VII Remake making them the big bucks and getting critical acclaim from pretty much everyone who played it. Fans even got over the episodic nature of this remake since its first episode was just too good to handle. They also released a Trials of Mana remake for Nintendo Switch and PS4, which proved to be fun so here's hoping more of their games reach a similar quality.


Or, you know, just re-release the Kingdom Hearts games on Nintendo Switch. Come on Square Enix, I am begging you, please do this!

Final Fantasy VII Remake and Trials of Mana are now available for purchase. Marvel's Avengers will be coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia this September.

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