Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Says Future Parts Won't Drastically Change the Story

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Final Fantasy VII Remake has been out for a while now and fans are already begging for the second part. The game managed to expand on everything about Midgar and then some, with a jaw-dropping ending that fans just can't believe. In fact, the ending is so shocking that a lot of people are worried that future installments of this remake series are going to drastically change the story.

Thankfully, producer Yoshinori Kitase has confirmed that the next parts will not drastically change the story, for better or worse. It seems like the game itself is trying to fight its fate, which we'll spoil it in a bit but the fact that it's getting so much fan discussion right now shows why there are a lot of people in love with this title. Frankly, a lot of people who haven't played the remake are going to be confused with the ending but it'll definitely be a fun ride.

So, that ending. SPOILERS. Obviously. With Cloud and his crew seemingly killing the Whispers, they have seemingly defined their fate and then some. Characters like Biggs and Zack Fair are now alive, to the shock of many, with fans wondering if Aerith will remain dead as well. This is something that warrants discussion and we're sure a lot of fans will have things to love and criticize.

If you haven't yet, first, apologies for the spoilers, and buy Final Fantasy VII Remake now on the PS4. There's a chance that it will come to PC and Xbox One sometime next year.

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