Final Fantasy Has Been Paying Tribute to Star Wars for Years

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Star Wars has been a worldwide phenomenon for years now and various media has made sure to let fans know that a number of creators LOVE that franchise. One big franchise that has been paying tribute to Star Wars for years on end has been Final Fantasy, which isn't exactly a secret since many fans are aware of this. If you're new to the franchise or started with one of the more recent titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake or Final Fantasy XV, this is for you.

Let's get the obvious tribute out of the way; Biggs and Wedge.

The Biggs and Wedge names have been around the series since Final Fantasy VI and yes, they are based on Biggs Darklighter and Wedge Antilles from Star Wars. It's been a fun tradition to see how they pop up in Final Fantasy games, with a lot of fans loving their iterations from Final Fantasy VII. They're also one of the more annoying pairs of bosses in Final Fantasy VIII since they appear to be goofballs but can be tough if the player isn't prepared.

Final Fantasy XII is also seen by many as one of the more obvious tributes to Star Wars since it basically copied the basic premise. A young boy who lives on a desert-like planet (Vaan) wants to find more meaning in his life ends up teaming with a thief (Balthier) and his furry companion (Fran) as they save a princess (Ashe) as they try to thwart an evil empire. Sound familiar?

It will be interesting to see the next iteration of Biggs and Wedge, assuming Square Enix makes a new Final Fantasy again. In the meantime, fans can pick up Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy VII Remake right now on PS4.

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