Spy x Family Fans Can't Get Enough of Yuri Briar's Relatable Meltdown

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The latest episode of Spy x Family was an exciting one thanks to the arrival of Yuri Briar who didn't waste any time in meeting his sister's husband Loid Forger. Not surprisingly, fans are loving Yuri after seeing his hilarious meltdown that was perfectly relatable!

In Spy x Family Episode 8, Yuri Briar was revealed as a counterintelligence agent working for the State Security Service as he interrogates a spy from the Berlint City Hall. Yuri is cheerful as he speaks to the spy about his sister but immediately loses his cool when Twilight is mentioned.

It is clear that Yuri is also wary of his sister Yor's new husband Loid Forger, not knowing that the man is the master spy he has been looking for. Still, he tries to be nice to Loid to avoid making Yor angry with him. In his effort, he asks a lot of specific questions about the relationship and at one point, asks Yor if she has a sweet nickname like "Loi-Loi" or "Lottie" for her husband but that proves to be his breaking point.

It's hilarious to see how Yuri went overboard with the cringe on "Lottie" but fans thought it was absolutely relatable to drink heavily when in despair. Yuri's just totally relatable in other ways too.

Interestingly, Yuri also managed to coax some fan service in Spy x Family Episode 8. He demands proof that Yor and Loid are truly a married couple by telling them to kiss in front of him. Loid decides that he must do what he should for Operation Strix and moves in to kiss a terrified Yor.

So will Yor and Loid finally kiss? We'll surely find out next week.

Spy x Family Episode 9 is titled Show Off How in Love You Are ("Rabu Rabu o Misetsukeyo") and will air on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

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