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Spy x Family Episode 8 Reveals Young Yor and Yuri Briar

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People are loving Spy x Family Episode 8, thanks to the arrival of Yuri Briar, who immediately had the Forgers rushing to convince him that their marriage is legit. However, fans also can't get enough of the eye-opening and somehow sweet flashback that introduced a young Yor Forger (she was still a Briar back then) and revealed how she worked hard to raise her little brother.

In Spy x Family Episode 8, Yuri Briar finally dropped in to visit the Forgers and meet his sister's new family. Anya Forger had already fallen asleep by then but Yuri got to meet Loid Forger and immediately decided that he didn't like Yor's new husband. Although Loid goes out of his way to please Yuri by praising his job and taste in wine, Yuri reiterates that he doesn't acknowledge the marriage and states that the only reason why he got his job is because of Yor's hard work.

This leads to a flashback revealing how the young Yor came home covered in blood but proudly presenting Yuri with a book that he wanted. For Yuri, this meant that Yor worked herself bloody just to make ends meet and he is determined to take care of her now that he has a high-paying job.

Not surprisingly, fans loved how endearing (and kinda scary) Yor was as a young assassin. People also thought the little Yuri was adorable and hopefully, we'll see more flashbacks in the upcoming episodes.

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Spy x Family Episode 8 also ended on a cliffhanger and there is little doubt we'll find out whether Yuri managed to get the Forgers to finally kiss.

Spy x Family Episode 9 is titled Show Off How in Love You Are ("Rabu Rabu o Misetsukeyo") and will air on Saturday, June 4, 2022.

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