Spy x Family Episode 4 Heartbreaking Anya Moment Has Fans Defending the Little Forger

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Spy x Family Episode 4 just gave fans another 24 minutes of wholesome fun with the Forgers but the episode also had a surprising moment that had viewers ready to throw hands. In the anime's fourth episode, young Anya Forger ended up in tears and people are defending the little girl from the evil interviewer at Eden Academy!

In Spy x Family Episode 4, Anya and her family finally made their way to Eden Academy for the formal interview with the parents. However, the tests already began even before they made it into the school. Luckily, the Forgers were able to impress Housemaster Henry Henderson who believed they were the epitome of elegance.

We already know that the Forgers rehearsed for the interview and with Anya being able to read Loid Forger's mind, things initially went well. However, everything went sideways when teacher Murdoch Swan asks Anya to choose between her old mother and Yor Forger, triggering her trauma and making the little girl cry.

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As expected, fans weren't pleased about Swan making Anya cry and have been flooding social media with their concerns for the child. Some are also quick to point out that Loid and Yor were right to act out and defend their daughter.

Unfortunately, Anya's crying and her parents' actions may have had a negative effect on their chances of getting into Eden Academy. On the other hand, the girl firmly believes that Henderson will be on their side and will help them get into the school.

But will Anya Forger be accepted into Eden Academy? That's a question that could be answered in the next episode and we can't wait to find out next week.


Spy x Family Episode 5 is titled Will They Pass or Fail ("Gohi no Yukue") and is based on the manga's Chapter 6 (the fourth episode adapted the fourth and fifth chapter). The new episode will air on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

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