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Spy x Family Episode 13 Officially Introduces Bond Forger

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It has been a long wait but the second part of Spy x Family is finally here. Not surprisingly, Episode 13 immediately kicks off with Loid Forger trying to fulfil his promise to get a dog for his daughter Anya. Although Twilight is sidelined by a new mission, that didn't stop Project Apple from officially introducing Bond Forger.

In Spy x Family Episode 13, the Forger family prepare to look for the dog that Loid promised to get for Anya. The little girl is clearly excited about getting her new pet but when they arrive at the pet store, the only options are big attack dogs that Anya doesn't like.

At the pet shop, Loid is called away on a mission and Yor Forger takes Anya to an adoption expo. While looking around, the little girl sees a huge fluffy dog walking down the street and as their eyes meet, Anya sees a vision of her family in their home. Curious, Anya follows the dog and realizes that she has stumbled upon a secret meeting between right-wing Isolationist Students who are trying to assassinate the Foreign Minister of Westalis.

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The same group also happens to be the center of Loid's mission and although they are close to finding Keith Kepler and his companions, Loid has no idea that Anya has found the group first. Unfortunately, she is caught by the students who try to kill her.

That's when the fluffy white dog steps in and after a phone call distracts the students, they escape and Yor notices them on the street. Although Anya is eventually caught, her mother arrives to defend her.

Although Bond Forger is a huge part of Spy x Family Episode 13, the dog has not yet been adopted or given a name. Nevertheless, it was great to see that he already bonded with Anya and is well on his way to becoming a part of the family.

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