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Spy x Family Episode 11 Teases the Arrival of the New Forger

Spy x Family Episode 11 is finally out and fans just got to see how far Anya Forger was willing to go to get a Stella and help Loid Forger fulfill his mission. However, that isn't the only thing we saw in the anime's latest episode. Interestingly, we also got a glimpse at the future new member of the Forger family!

In Spy x Family Episode 11, Loid Forger tries (and fails) to get Anya interested in art, music, and sports in an effort to help her excel in something that would lead to receiving a Stella. As a final attempt, Loid takes her to the hospital so they could try their hand at excelling at social contribution.

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Not surprisingly, Anya is quickly bored with her chores and they end up being asked to leave. But as they were leaving, Anya "hears" a drowning boy in the rehabilitation pool and rushes to save him. Although she almost drowns herself, Loid quickly saves both children and Anya is credited for the rescue. The act leads to Eden Academy awarding her with a Stella for saving a life.

Anya is clearly loving her fame and uses it as leverage to beg Loid for a reward: She wants a (small) dog and promises to help take care of it. That's when the scene moves to two men who are planning to sell dogs they have captured to some revolutionaries who are looking for bomb dogs.

As the men note that some of the canines aren't doing well, one of the dogs sees an image of Loid, Anya, and Yor Forger welcoming him into their house. This makes him stand up as if to greet the family.

For those who were wondering, the dog is the future Bond Forger who will be adopted by the family. He's not exactly the "small dog" that Anya was hoping for but he's still an awesome addition to the Forgers.

But will we see more of Bond in the next episode? Spy x Family Episode 12 is titled Penguin Park ("Pengin Pāku") which strongly suggests that the episode will adapt an extra chapter instead of the manga's Chapter 18. The episode will premiere on Saturday, June 24, 2022.

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